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The Movidiam Podcast

Jun 24, 2016

Owner and head composer of Tonal Chaos, Marc Aaron Jacobs has created music for brands like HBO, ABC, Disney, to name but a few. We caught up with him in our latest podcast to chat about the work he's produced and how Movidiam could help with future projects. Check out the blog:

Jun 17, 2016

Director Will Innes Smith has worked on amazing projects for brands like Sky, Coca-Cola and Playstation, to name a few. Will thrives on creative ideas, which directly impacts on the final film - his Playstation commercial got over 2 million hits in the first 48 hours. We talk to Will on going viral, the purity of ideas...

Jun 8, 2016

David Geffin is a full time photographer, videographer and editor based in New York. With a keen eye for fashion and street documentary/photography, David combines his passion for both stills and motion, collaborating regularly with other photographers such as Vincent Laforet. We talked to David about breaking into...